sazin islam

About Sazin Islam

Sazin Islam is a distinguished public health professional with over 10 years of experience as a researcher, academic, and community health advocate. He holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree along with a MPhil focused on Population Science and Human Resources Development.

As an Ex-Assistant Professor of the Department of Public Health at First Capital University of Bangladesh, Sazin pioneered public health education and research. He has authored over 100 international scientific publications and contributed to prominent conferences around the world.

His research spans intricate epidemiological studies on pressing health issues to analyzing healthcare infrastructure and policies. Sazin is deeply knowledgeable about biostatistics, disease prevention and control, maternal and child health, and applying evidence-based solutions.

Beyond academia, Sazin actively works to uplift vulnerable communities through public health campaigns and addressing health disparities. He is committed to raising health literacy, empowering people to advocate for their wellbeing, and creating a more equitable society.

When he’s not researching or teaching, Sazin provides volunteer medical translation to aid non-English speakers in accessing healthcare. He also mentors a new generation of students pursuing careers in public health and medicine.

Sazin’s multifaceted public health work epitomizes his relentless quest to propagate knowledge, nurture future leaders, and advance paradigms that improve societal health. His ORCID profile and portfolio stand as a testament to his monumental contributions.